Welcome to the Online Guide to Sign Support Hardware!


This web utility is a content management system for small sign supports. The web utility will allow full viewing, submission, management, and reporting services to its users and the general public. The sign support systems shown in this guide are included here for review and informational purposes. Click here to view systems that have been approved by the Task Force.

An index for the small sign support guide is shown at upper left. Users may browse a list of all the systems in the guide or search for parciular systems based on several pre-defined search criteria. Contact information for people and organizations that have submitted materials are shown in the contacts section. Some useful links and background information are shown in the Links and About sections respectively.

In general, all the sign support systems shown in the 1993 AASHTO-ARTBA-AGC Guide to Small Sign Support Hardware are included in this on-line guide along with all new materials. A link to the appropriate FHWA approval letter or memorandum is included in the index listing for each system but users may want to examine the FHWA website for the most current information on a particular system.

Some materials require third-party software to view the files. Files with the PDF extension require the free Adobe Acrobat. AutoCAD files can be viewed with the free DWG Viewer or the free ModelPress software. Most video files should be readable by commonly installed software like the Windows MediaPlayer or RealPlayer although sometimes a free driver might be required. Photographs are generally stored as JPG files which should be compatible with most web browsers.

Crash Testing

Since 1993, small sign support hardware, like all roadside hardware, have been crash tested and classified according the guidelines shown in NCHRP Report 350. Prior to 1993 sign supports were evaluated using the similar NCHRP Report 230. The FHWA has been accepting breakaway hardware based on crash testing since at least 1986 and a full list of all acceptance letters written since that time is available on the FHWA website.

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